Octagon Industrial Services LLC was established to bring together a top team of professionals with different skill sets. The common goal and commitment of this group is to participate in contracts requiring innovative material disposal programs.

Octagon Industrial Services offers a variety of services from a single source to perform projects. This integral source will minimize the cost of performing these tasks while optimizing the residual value of the items to be disposed.

A combination of human resources and material assets are able to complete complex multi-faceted projects under one roof. Our team is comprised of top-flight administrators, engineers, sales and marketing people, hygienists, safety, and human resource coordinators together with a large, diverse and skilled labor force.

We use our own equipment, from hand tools to hydraulic lifting systems with up to 16,000 tons of lifting capacity. Our owned equipment consists of over 6,000 machines that will perform any task required.

Our transportation department owns and operates in excess of 300 trucks and specialized hauling equipment with capacities exceeding 3,000 tons. The inventory control department utilizes state of the art GPS/bar code tracking systems to ease monitoring and tracking control of strategic items. This combination assures inventory control and the ability to transport and control large amounts of material in a minimal amount of time.